Human Pony Play

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I just woke up from a dream, where I was the star of a reality television show. Now, while that sounds appropriately appalling to all the saner of you, THIS show was different.

It was called Kink Busters.

Apparently what we did was go through the various popular fetish scenes and find ways to safely accomplish things that people largely took for granted as fantasy. This episode was about ponygirls, and we went about making properly light and safe carriages, able to easily move with the girls at a brisk running pace, which is mostly unwise with the current carriages made for Pony play, considering their weight and construction. We also trained the girls to actually full out run and prance like ponies, which again, is not often seen outside of fantasy or House of Gord. And of course, we made them proper outfits that could handle the wear and tear, whilst keeping the girls in a restrained posture, without causing undue circulation issues. It was like a doctor went through every whacked fantasy scene about Pony Play and said, “Okay, this doesn’t work if you wanna keep the use of your arms,” and then went, “BUT THIS DOES!”

It was weird, honestly, had all the banter and jokes like Mythbusters, but about the fetish scene. O_o

I’ve never seen anything so OPEN about the fetish world. Like, it wasn’t on Pay-Per-View or nothing, just regular old cable television. Like, it was an accepted practice and shit.

Which is probably why it was a dream.

ANYWAY! Just thot I’d share before I forgot all about it. If I ever get the muse in me, I’ll try to write out a short story about Kink Busters. I also figured I’d post some Pony girl art, but APPARENTLY the whole point of that dream was to remind me that I haven’t actually DONE any since 2011.

So, you’ll get old art AND LIKE IT YOU NAGS.

Ahem. I’ll try to update Pony Claire, and get her a new Pony Partner, sometime today or over New Years.

Anyway, enjoy my ramblings!



A classic ink illustration of a cart ponygirl. Probably my all time favourite of my drawings.


A classic ink illustration of a cart ponygirl. Probably my all time favourite of my drawings.

This time there was no mistake. The woman who appeared from behind a wall was essentially naked. Her body was constrained with dark straps but they didn’t cover much. Her breasts were completely bare, well except for two small tassels affixed to her nipples. Her lower half was covered by a dangerously thin strap descending from her waist between her legs and up behind her. Neither really left much for the imagination to fill in.

I had seen my first ponygirl.

She was clearly intended to appear like a human horse, for the straps on her body made up a harness which continued up to her head, in the form of bridle including what looked like a horse’s bit. She also sported a “tail” the same colour as her hair, protruding from her rear. Her hands were grasped behind her back and it looked to me that they might well be fastened behind her to her harness.

To complete the image of a horse, she was being led by reins attached to her bridle by a middle aged man dressed in tweed.